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This page lists the skills of the programmers around the labs. If your preferred program or language is not listed, send an e-mail to the labman address; we might still well be able to help you!

General skills

This lists skills that are shared amongst all programmers.

  • Programming in Zep
  • Markup in HTML and CSS

Chris van Run

  • Programming in C#, Java,  Python, Matlab, and Igor PRO
  • Basic graphical design program such as found in Adobe Suite X
  • Audio-/visual technology
  • Statistical software: SPSS
  • Content management systems like WordPress and Perch

Jan de Mooij

  • Programming in Java, C# Python and PHP
  • Audio-/visual technology
  • Graphical and audio-/visual manipulation with programs found in Adobe Suite X
  • Data visualization (Gephi, Tableau, Google Charts, D3.js, MS Excel)
  • Content management systems like WordPress and Joomla!