UiL OTS Labs



logoA new update of the ZEP starting script has been released. UiL-OTS lab users are recommended to use this new linux-terminal-local-UILOTS.sh in order to start a terminal prior to calling Zep (right-click>Save Link As…). Please replace the linux-terminal.sh file with this new version. If you are running an old Zep script (version 0.x) and do not have a linux-terminal.sh you can ignore any this updated version. Downloading the file automatically prevents you from executing it: a safety feature for the big bad internet. To re-enable execution of the file right click it >> properties >> Permissions and tick the box that reads ‘Allow executing file as program’. With this you are ready to go!

The newest version now makes a (partial) local copy on ‘/data’ instead at ‘/var’ because of storage capacity. Because of decreased performance of the file server that holds the project maps (M: drive) running an experiment directly from a project map might lead to timing issues or errors. These errors are visible in the terminal when running an experiment. To ensure that script performance is not affected by the slacking file server the linux-terminal.sh is to be replaced. Note that this is only relevant when Zep experiments are performed in the UiL-OTS lab facilities. For other instances the normal linux-terminal.sh suffices.