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Work on a local account

Last updated on 23 October 2015 by Jan de Mooij

Why use a local account

Due to recent problems with the fileservers, computers in the UiL OTS Labs can sometimes freeze for a period of time from anything to a few seconds to a few minutes when working under Linux. For time sensitive experiments, this can be a real problem. This problem can be bypassed by using a local account, which doesn’t depend on the fileserver. If you are running time sensitive tests, you might want to consider switching to a local account on the Linux PC’s.

We are working for a solution for this problem.

How to run from a local account

  1. Make sure you have your entire test setup (ZEP project, Stimuli files and everything thats relevant) downloaded to a USB-stick or to the hard drive (not a network folder, so not your home folder or project folder) of the machine you will be working on
  2. Switch off the machine
  3. Disconnect the network plug from the back of the computer. Make sure to reconnect it after you are done with the computer
  4. Start the computer and select Ubuntu Linux from the bootup options menu
  5. Login with the credentials of the local account. We cannot publish those credentials online, so ask tech support in Room 0.09 (Janskerhof 13/A)
  6. Place all the files you need for your experiment in the home directory of the local account, or on another disk of the machine, if you haven’t already done so. Make sure to backup your data to a USB-stick (and once you are on a non-local account to your home- or project folder on the network) and delete your data from the machine, if you do not want other people to have access to your data.
  7. You can now run the experiment locally