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Working with Kubuntu

Last updated on 5 January 2017 by Chris

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Welcome to Kubuntu! Here are some quick tips:QuickDesktopOverview

Kubuntu is an official derivative of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical environment. Kubuntu is designed to be easily used by people that commonly use Windows OS. Please review the figure above for the basic kubuntu-desktop overview. Lastly, read more about how to work with Linux in general at this page.

Kubuntu unlock bug (display freezes after entering password)

Sometimes, after you’ve walked away from your computer some time ago, the display gets locked. This could have been done by yourself, using the CTRL + ALT + L key combination, or may have happened because some time has passed while you were not typing or using the mouse. If you have a single screen in your setup, unlocking the PC may not work, the screen will freeze after you’ve typed your password. This is a weird bug, which will not be fixed until we’ve come up with a new linux release for the lab.

The workaround for this is to use the keys CTRL + ALT + F2, after which you will only see a black screen, and then after a few seconds hitting CTRL + ALT + F7. It may take a second or three, but then your display should be back alive.