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Open access desks

We have two open access workstations (hallway/room K.04, near K.05). Use of these workstations is open to individuals (particularly students) doing experimental research.


  • PC HP (2 identical machines)  :
    • CPU Intel Core i5 Quad CPU(3470) @ 3.20 GHz
    • memory 8Gb
    • Windows 10, 64 bit + Ubuntu Linux 16.04
    • iiyama Prolite E2273HDS 22″ monitor
    • 250 Gb SSD
    • 500 Gb HDD
    • integrated audio card:
    • integrated HD Graphics card (1920×1080)

Although users often use a preferred desk for several weeks or months, the desks cannot be claimed by mere mortals; who comes first wins. The other two (empty) desks in K.04 can be used for BYOD-purposes.

Room details

  • Room number: K.04

Usage rules

Keeping the facilities in this lab in the best possible condition requires your cooperation; please read the house rules and stick to them. Especially important:

  • Never ever change or remove any wiring; don’t pull out any plugs
  • No eating or drinking (except coffee, tea, water)
  • Clean up
  • Ask for help, report all problems