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Flex lab

The flex lab (room K.03A) can be used for experiments involving recording video of the participant, and/or exposure to stimuli in a learning phase. The lab provides digital audio and video recording equipment and an experiment computer connected to a large display in the test area. The test area can be sectioned off by curtains to provide a non-distracting testing area for infants. A remote controlled pan-tilt-zoom camera is situated below the test display. The test environment is child friendly.

This facility can be reserved through the Online Babylab Reservation system; contact Maartje de Klerk for details.

Technical specs


  • Approx. 7 m2 with no windows
  • With regular test desk (monitor, keyboard, mouse)
  • A pan-tilt-zoom camera allows capturing participant activity
  • Room is child friendly, but not decorated as a children’s room: yellow carpet, white walls; test area can be sectioned off with unbleached cotton curtains.

Test area equipment

  • 46″ monitor Philips 46PFL6606H/12
  • 3x speaker Tangent EVO-E4 (left, right, front)
  • Pan-tilt-zoom remote controlled color camera Sony EVI-D70P
  • Microphone Beyerdynamic MPC 66 (acoustical boundary mic.) on 3m cable
  • Headphones with high ambient noise attenuation AKG K109SB

Control equipment

  • Flex1 PC
    • Windows XP sp3 + Ubuntu Linux 12.04
    • iiyama Prolite E2273 HDS 22″ monitor
    • Plextor dvd burner
    • intel Core i7 960 @ 3.20 GHz
    • 3 Gb Ram
    • 100 Gb + 1Tb  HDD
    • Ati Radeon HD 5670 Graphics card
    • Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 (capture card for recording video)
    • Asus Xonar D2 audio card
    • Stereo amplifier Denon DN-A100
    • Realtek ethernet / WAN minport
  • CD-player Denon DN-C110 (+ MP3 & WMA support)
  • Microphone preamplifier/mixer Phonic AM440
  • 2x Headphones (with mouthpiece) with high ambient noise attenuation Viking V1 AKG K109SB
  • 19″ monitor Philips 19PFL3405H/12

Room details

Usage rules

Keeping the facilities in this lab in the best possible condition requires your cooperation; please read the house rules and stick to them. Especially important:

  • Never ever change or remove any wiring; don’t pull out any plugs
  • No eating or drinking (except coffee, tea, water)
  • Clean up
  • Ask for help, report all problems