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Baby eye-tracking lab

The baby eye-tracking lab (room K.09) has an arm-mounted EyeLink 1000, and can be used for eye-tracking research with infants, older children, or adults.

Technical specs

EyeLink 1000

  • Arm-mounted eye-tracker
  • Accuracy: 0.5 degrees (monocular, remote mode with target sticker) or 0.15-0.5 degrees (monocular/binocular, participant fixated with chin rest)
  • Temporal resolution: 250-500Hz (remote mode with target sticker), or 250-1000 Hz (participant fixated with chin rest)
  • Dark-pupil technology
  • Distance of participant to the screen: 40-70 cm
  • Hardware lives in DOS PC (a.k.a. EyeLink Host PC)
  • Illuminators and lenses:
    • 940nm modified Illuminator and 16mm Lens with Iris removed for use with Arm Mount on infants under 5-6 months of age
    • 890nm Illuminator with 25mm & 35mm lenses for use in participants older than 5-6 months.

Internal equipment

  • Acer AL1717 monitor 17″
  • Logitech keyboard deluxe 250
  • Logitech optical mouse RX250
  • BeyerDynamic floormicrophone MPC 66V
  • 3-button buttonbox (Blue, Orange, Green)
  • Mp3 player with earplugs and usb cable (DFRNCE MP755 4 Gb)
  • (Part of arm-mounted eye-tracker) EyeLink CL
  • (Part of arm-mounted eye-tracker) EyeLink Illuminator AM 890
  • Blue Bimbo babyseat
  • white plastic babydesk mountable on babyseat
  • Pan/Tilt camera
  • 2 x Tangent speakers EVO E4 (20-100 Watt)

External equipment

  • babet1 PC (Coolermaster):
    • CPU Intel i7 960 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Win XP sp3 & Ubuntu Linux 12.04
    • memory 4Gb
    • audio card Asus Xonar D2
    • video card Radeon HD5670
    • Capture card for recording video (Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150)
    • iiyama Prolite E2273HDS 22″ monitor (1920×1080)
    • Philips 19pfl3405H/12 19″ monitor
    • 2-button buttonbox
  • SR Research Eyelink PC
    • Win7 / Eyelink (msdos) dualboot
    • Acer V173 17″ monitor
  • Audio Equipment:
    • (Phonic AM 440 Mixer)
    • Sony TA-FE230 Amplifier
    • BeyerDynamic Headphones DT770 (2x 600 Ohm)
    • AiPhone LEF3 (not connected)
    • Acer V173 connected to eyetracker

Room details

Usage rules

Keeping the facilities in this lab in the best possible condition requires your cooperation; please read the house rules and stick to them. Especially important:

  • Never ever change or remove any wiring; don’t pull out any plugs
  • No eating or drinking (except coffee, tea, water)
  • Clean up
  • Ask for help, report all problems