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Latest news on the UiL-OTS labs.

New Wallpaper

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve set up a new default wallpaper for the Window 7 desktop! It lists some of the default house rules and some emergency…

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uhhmm… HvNL TV

Sbs6 TV, Hart van Nederland  did a small item on language research, regarding the uhhmmmm word, done by Hans Rutger Bosker, it can be viewed here.

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LimeSurvey how-tos added

We’ve added some new LimeSurvey manuals to our how-to section. There’s four in total now: LimeSurvey for linguists, a general introduction Audio in LimeSurvey, on having audio as stimuli Default…

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A lot of the research done in the UiL-OTS lab. involves the usage of sound stimuli. To control for sound interference some of the labs have been made sound proof….

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