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Building maintenance and construction work

Building maintenance and construction work

There is quite a bit of (deferred) maintenance and construction work going on in Janskerkhof 13. Below is a running list of the planned maintenance/construction work.

The main purpose of this list is so that lab support can keep track of what is scheduled when. As a general rule, the UU housing department(s) contact lab support to schedule these activities, and if it is expected that the work will be disruptive to experiments, lab support will check if the affected labs are free during that time, and if they are, mark the building as closed in the reservation system and the babylab reservation system for the agreed-upon time. So in principle, as long as you diligently use the reservation systems to reserve lab spaces for your experiment, you should not run into any noisy surprises as a lab user. If you do, though, please let lab support know!

Scheduled small activities:

  • None at the moment

Majorly disruptive construction works that will necessitate postponing experiments for longer periods of time:

  • Rusty heating pipes will need to be replaced throughout the building. This will be at least a month-long project, probably (the second half of?) September 2019. The lab will be done first.
  • MAJOR construction work and painting throughout the building. This will be a six-month project where experimenting will probably not be possible at all, probably July 2021-December 2021.