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Network Maintenance May 24th

Posted on 18 May 2017 by

Please be aware that in the early morning on Wednesday the 24th of May, between 05:00 and 07:00 (AM) the lab’s network will be unstable or down.

Central IT has planned core-network maintenance. It will likely disrupt network communication. Please refrain from using work stations, websites, and/or network shares during this time window.

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Spring holidays

Posted on 4 April 2017 by

All faculty buildings, including the lab, will be closed on the following days:


  • Friday 14 April (Good Friday) till Monday 17 April (Easter Monday)

King’s Night & King’s Day

  • Wednesday 26 April from 18:00 to Thursday 27 April

Liberation Day

  • Friday 5 May

Ascension Day

  • Thursday 25 May
  • Friday 26 May (obligatory leave day)


  • Saturday 3 June to Monday 5 June

See this faculty news message.

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Reduced lab support 20th to 24th of March

Posted on 6 March 2017 by

In the week of 20 to 24th of March, unfortunately lab support will be somewhat limited. We have shifted our regular schedules to fill the gaps as well as possible. So, in the entire week support is available in 0.09 except for Friday 24th in the afternoon.

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Power Outage: problems resolved

Posted on 28 February 2017 by

The Dom in the night

We have been experiencing problems with accessing the Lab-Drives and receiving system e-mails (e.g. FRIS). A power outage has struck the data-server rooms past night.

Systems have been unstable in the morning but everything should be up and running. If you still cannot access the lab-drives; please try rebooting your system. If this does not resolve problems please contact us at labman.gw@nulluu.nl.

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Button-box cutouts and labeling

Posted on 16 February 2017 by

Periodically we receive requests for button-box cutouts or labels. The button-box cutouts that were available on the website are outdated and instead of updating them we have decided to remove the cutouts all together.

The reason is that labels or cutouts stimulate bad experiment practice. This bad practice involves making the participant look at the button box before making a choice or at the minimum tempting the participant to do so.

Causing a shift in focus by the button box will result in it no longer being an accurate response-recording device. Good experiment practice is to provide clear and concise instruction or feedback via the computer display about a button press. This allows the participant to focus primarily on the display and will result in more accurate response time data.

Consult one of the technical staff members if you need any help with programming button instruction or feedback into your experiment script.

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Our e-mail address was temporarily unavailable (fixed)

Posted on 27 January 2017 by

Update: The e-mail address labman.gw@nulluu.nl should now work as expected again. However, we may not have received all e-mails that have been sent to this address in this period of time. If you think your e-mail did not reach us, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Original message: It has come to our attention that our email address, labman.gw@nulluu.nl, is currently unavailable for users who do not use their Utrecht University mail account. This problem has just been discovered but may have started already early last Wednesday. If you have sent us an e-mail from a non-UU mail account (such as gmail, outlook or yahoo), we may not have received your e-mail. We are working to resolve the issue and we will update this post once it has been, but in the mean time, if you want to reach us, either use your UU mail account, send e-mails to our personal adresses, give us a call, or just drop by.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Upgraded UiL-OTS lab computers

Posted on 16 January 2017 by

kubuntu-logoThe computer systems in k04 and k06 have had a major upgrade! The systems in the other (experiment) labs will be upgraded at a later point in time.

The upgraded systems now feature solid-state drives which improves responsiveness and reduces start-up delay significantly. In addition, the systems now have a new installment of the GNU/Linux desktop environment. This new Kubuntu 16.04 version is a hefty upgrade from the previous Ubuntu 12.04 version (anno 2012). This new version includes the latest versions of open-sourced software such as Audacity, LibreOffice and much more.

Kubuntu comes with a new look that should be easy to work with and is similar to a Windows desktop environment. Not a fan of Kubuntu? Fear not! You can easily opt to start Windows 7 instead of Kubuntu. To do so, choose Windows OS in the boot-loader menu that shows up when (re)booting the computer.

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Labs closed for Christmas

Posted on 14 November 2016 by

ClosedChristmasThe labs will be closed for Christmas (no access at all) at the following times:

  • Friday December 23, 17:00h until Sunday January 1, 2017.
  • From Monday January 2 to Friday January 6, 2017 all buildings will be closed during the evening: from 18:00h.

Starting Saturday January 7, regular opening hours will apply.

Enjoy your holiday!

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We moved FRIS

Posted on 4 October 2016 by

The Facility Reservation and Information System (FRIS) has had an extensive update and has permanently been moved to a new location.

Please use the following URL to access FRIS from now on: https://fris.hum.uu.nl/.
The old URL, http://www.hum.uu.nl/uilots/lab/fris.php, will no longer work.

You will notice FRIS does not look like you’re used to. We’ve updated the website to be more future proof, intuitive to use and work on mobile devices.
We have also added functionality to login with your Solis-id in the future, rather than with your current credentials.

The first time you login on the new FRIS, you will be asked to change your password. Below the box where you can enter a new password, you can click the no longer use your Solis account to login in the future.
If you have a Solis-id with the Utrecht University, we strongly advise you to choose this option because you no longer have to remember separate credentials for this website and this option is safer as well.

For each account, there is only one method for authentication; either your chosen username and password, or your solis-credentials. You can always switch from one method to the other after you have logged in by clicking the “Change registration” button.

If you encounter any issues with the updated FRIS website, please contact Jan de Mooij

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FRIS Maintenance

Posted on 27 September 2016 by

The Facility Reservation and Information System (FRIS) will be temporarily unavailable on Tuesday 4 October due to maintenance.
We will be updating the the site and moving it to a new location. Because of this, the site will not be reachable for a while, starting Tuesday 4 October at 9am and lasting at most until the end of the day.

Check back on this page on Tuesday 4 October for more information.

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Bicycle key

Posted on 22 September 2016 by

In the phonetic booth #1 we found a bicycle key. If this grabs your attention since you lost yours, feel free to obtain it from the technician room. The key has been lying around prior to September 10th.

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New button boxes

Posted on 18 August 2016 by

On Thursday 18 August, the old colorful button boxes have been replaced with the new USB Beexybox type of button box in most of the labs. The use of the new button boxes requires the latest version of Linux we installed for you: in the purple boot menu shown by the computers when starting up, simple select “Linux OS (New BeexyBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]” now instead of “Real-time Linux OS (Old ButtonBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]” (this option should be selected by default on all experiment machines that use the new button boxes)

The Beexyboxes have three buttons, as you can see on the image. If you need a box with four buttons, you can stop by and borrow one from us.beexybox-type-b

The old button boxes have been removed, because we are in the progress of terminating support for them. If you still have an ongoing experiment which requires the use of the old button boxes for consistent measurements, please stop by and have a talk with us. If your ZEP experiment still uses the old button boxes, we can adapt your experiment for you to use the new Beexy box instead. If the use of the old button boxes is absolutely vital, we will be able to lend you an old button box, but we are terminating support for the old button boxes very soon, so this can only be used to finish currently ongoing experiments.

The new Beexyboxes have several advantages, making us confident the old button boxes are no longer required:

  • The button boxes work with USB, meaning they can just as easily be used on the computers in our lab, as on one of our laptops. This increases the consistency of experiments that rely on the button boxes to measure response.
  • Computers that have the proper connections for the old button boxes are no longer made, and making the changes necessary becomes increasingly hard, so this way, we’re future proof!
  • Due to their new design, the Beexyboxes are more comfortable to use than the old button boxes.

The labs that now have the new Beexyboxes are:

We also prepared the connections for the Beexyboxes in the Baby lab and in the EEG lab, but we did not remove the already present button boxes just yet, so you can keep running your experiments there the way you’re used to. Should you want to use a Beexybox instead of a button box, please stop by, so we can provide you with one and give you some instructions on how to use it.

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Summer time in the lab

Posted on 7 July 2016 by

palmstrandSummer is almost here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following:

  • Running an experiment involving the adult participant database is not recommended in summer since a lot of students are simply not in Utrecht then, so recruitment is rather difficult. If you want to try anyway, please contact Iris Mulders before Wednesday July 6.
  • The lab will be closed August 15-18 because the UIT-dagen are unbearably noisy and make it impossible to get to Janskerkhof 13. No lab support will be available on these days.
  • The rest of the summer, there will be lab support in room 0.09, but we may miss a day here or there due to support staff vacations. If you absolutely need support on a certain day, check in advance via labman.gw@nulluu.nl.
  • From July 18 until August 12 the building will be closed, but someone will be available to open the door if you ring the door bell.
  • Update: between Monday July 18 until Friday August 19 the building will close at 19h on weekdays, rather than at 22h.
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It’s still us!

Posted on 3 June 2016 by

This morning the UiL OTS Website has had a make over. We installed a new theme to the website, to bring the website back in line with all UU websites. But don’t worry, we changed only the appearance!

All the information should still be available on the website, right where you used to find it. If you notice anything wrong, please contact us at labman.gw@nulluu.nl.

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Building closed on Thursday and Friday

Posted on 2 May 2016 by

Because of Liberation day and a ‘bridge’ day the laboratory will be closed on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of May. Our apologies for any inconvenience but we hope you will enjoy your freedom and the projected sunny weather!

Corpus Gesproken Nederlands v2

Posted on 18 April 2016 by

cgn_logoThe CGN contains a large selection of annotated recording of the Dutch language. The CGN has been updated to version two and has been installed in a new location. The previous and incomplete version will be removed shortly. You can read how to access the new version here.

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Windows down

Posted on 13 April 2016 by

Yesterday evening some security issues on Windows have been revealed. This means we have to apply a security patch. All Linux systems are not affected by the patch, so no problems are expected for people working on a Linux system. The consequences are downtime for the following services on Friday 15th between 16:00 and 17:00 hour.

You won’t be able to use the computation server, better know as “rekenserver” and all the disks related to the lab:
– K:
– L:
– M:
– N:
– X:

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System Maintenance 22nd of March

Posted on 8 March 2016 by

Hammer Hitting Computer Showing Angry With Laptop

IT-system maintenance is planned for Tuesday the 22nd of March. Logging in on Linux OS is not advised whereas Windows OS will work fine. Be advised that accessing the project folders may be difficult during this day. To prevent any experiments being ruined we have preemptively booked all UiL OTS laboratories. However, the laboratories will still be physically accessible.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Lendable USB drives

Posted on 3 March 2016 by

1206559319277167884_TyIzaeL_USB_Flash_Drive_Icon.svg.medSix USB drives are newly available for lending. They come in 32GB are 64GB variants and can be borrowed from room 0.09. Availability of the drives is shown in the reservation system.

When transporting sensitive data we advise to use an encrypted archive format. This prevents privacy leaks and related corporal punishment. We are joking about the punishments but are quite serious about preventing leaks!

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Ubuntu Update

Posted on 14 January 2016 by


Note: the small update has now been deployed throughout the lab.

A new small update has been applied to the computers in K06 and will carefully be deployed to the other systems in the course of the coming week. Below a small overview of changes:

  • Number of boot options are reduced to three:
    1. “Windows OS [MS Windows 7]”
    2. “Real-time Linux OS (Old ButtonBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]”
    3. “Linux OS (New BeexyBox) [Ubuntu 12.04]”
  • Note that there are now two Linux versions: one for the old ButtonBox and one for the new BeexyBox; choose wisely
  • Default boot option is now Windows OS for those systems that almost never boot into Linux (i.e.K06 and K04)
  • Zep version 1.12.1 (with BeexyBox button-box support) has been installed
  • Symbolic links on the Desktop of projects, projects-2, and dataexchange received a make-over
  • A new “reset-desktop” script has been added to the desktop in order to reset your personal user interface in case of corruption or strange settings
  • During Linux boot the update system now prints status updates (press F1 during ‘Ubuntu’ splash)
  • The UiL-OTS update system now prevents users to login via GUI until the system has finished updating
  • Monitors should now stop going into standby (we pray)
  • Removed old printers and added a follow-me-COLOUR printer. Grayscale printing is currently not possible under the Linux OS
  • General canonical Ubuntu updates have been deployed
  • System time is now being synced with a central NTP server (was not being synced)
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Construction work January 21 and 22

Posted on 13 January 2016 by

Construction WorkOn Thursday January 21 and Friday January 22, a dormer (dakkapel) rooftop will be replaced on the garden side of Janskerhof 13. Noise associated with this is expected to be limited, and should certainly not be a problem for testing in K.10 and K.12. The expectation is that it should be fine to test in the other labs as well, but it’s hard to tell in advance. If you want to be absolutely sure that you don’t run into problems, don’t schedule participants for these days.

Lab closed for Christmas break

Posted on 15 December 2015 by


The lab will be closed for Christmas break from Thursday December 24, 17:00h, up until Monday, January 4. Happy holidays!
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Construction work is over!

Posted on 30 November 2015 by

carnival-631151_640All the construction work on Janskerkhof 13 has been finished. No more building noises. Yay!

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Building noise

Posted on 18 November 2015 by

Construction WorkExpected noise related to the construction works. Remember:

  1. testing after 16h on weekdays is always safe;
  2. testing on weekends is safe.
  3. you can only enter the building after 17h and on weekends if you have an XS card (employees only).

The remainder of this week, week 47 (Nov 18-20), and next week, week 48 (Nov 23-27) :

All this time there will be periodic CLANG CLANG CLANG noises from the remaining scaffolding being taken down, as well as assorted other building noises. This noise will not permeate into the sound-attenuated booths. There should be no drilling after 9 am.

=> Hard to tell if the CLANG CLANG CLANG or other noises will permeate into K.03A. To be on the safe side, probably a better idea to not test in K.03A on weekdays before 16h.

=> Testing in the booths in K.10 or K.12 should be OK during this week, in the sense that participants won’t hear the CLANG CLANG CLANG. For experiment leaders it may be less pleasant, but probably still bearable. There should be no drilling that penetrates into the participant booths, but if you hear some anyway, contact Maarten immediately (room 0.09/phone 030-253 9102).

The current planning is that the construction works will be finished by November 30. Of course we cannot be sure yet that they’ll make that date, but right now it looks like they will. Yay!

Use local account in case of time sensitive test

Posted on 23 October 2015 by

The past few weeks, some computers (especially the phonetics lab) have been disconnected from the network, to bypass certain problems, which we are working on to solve permanently. This meant that some people were unable to login to the computers.

From now on, the computers have to be connected to the network by default, meaning logging in using your Solis-ID will once again be possible. Users who want to make use of a local account in order to be sure of fully functioning computers now have to disconnect and afterwards reconnect the computers from the internet themselves.

Read why and how to do this in the how to Work on a local account

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New location Baby lab team (temporarily)

Posted on 14 October 2015 by

The Baby lab team temporarily works in another building, until the construction work at Janskerkhof is finished.

You can find us at Kromme Nieuwe Gracht 46, first floor.

Maartje de Klerk and Ao Chen: room 1.10

Şule Kurtcebe and Cora Pots: room 1.08

Baby lab interns Floor Simons and Karlijn Kouwer: room 1.07b.

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Reseach-Data Management and You

Posted on 29 September 2015 by

The university has launched a new website that focuses on good practice in research-data management. While the UiL-OTS lab does provide its own data storage it is good to be familiar with this multidisciplinary initiative that can provide tips, tools, technologies and advice on long term-preservation for your research data, while facilitating its discovery and citation. We think this is a worthwhile read! – Lab Management

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Friday October 2 and 9: The Noise

Posted on 28 September 2015 by

Construction WorkThis (2015-10-02) and next Friday (2015-10-09) construction work will focus on removing the brick mortar in the outer walls of the lab building (Janskerkhof 13/13a). We cannot say the mortar removal will sound anywhere as nice as a great rock concert but it’ll likely sound as loud. The expected noise will make it improbible to perform reliable experiments. We recommend to steer clear of the lab this and next Friday. -Lab. Management

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SPSS down

Posted on 27 August 2015 by

Update (4 sept 2015): SPSS version 23 is now available on the computers in K.09

Dear lab-users that are keen on analysing their data. We were just informed that licence for the old versions of SPSS (statistical-analysis software) has ran out. We are making haste with plans to enable the new version(s) SPSS (22 and 23).

Our apologies for any inconveniences!

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UIT & Construction work

Posted on 10 August 2015 by

The ‘Utrechtse IntroductieTijd‘ (UIT)  will be happening this week (10-14 August). This event on the Janskerkhof will generate so much inconvenience for the lab that the lab is closed for most purposes during this period. Technical support can still be contacted but will be off site.

Futhermore, from today onward and lasting for several months there will be building maintenance. This will mainly affect the outside and top of the building and only should be very limited in the basement. We are in close communication with the workers to minimize the inconveniences during the maintenance. However, if you do find your research disrupted or have any complaints please post them to Chris so he can take any action if need be.

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The Doorman

Posted on 15 July 2015 by

Effective immediately and until the 17th of August the entrance to the Janskerkhof 13/13a building is closed and can only be opened from the outside via an authorised access card. If you are not a staff member, then you can enter the building by ringing the doorbell. A freshly appointed doorman will open the door for you. The doorman is present from 9:00 until 17:00. If your experiment requires you to have access before or after this time period please contact the lab. management and we might be able to arrange a temporary access card.

The reason behind this closure are the recent unfortunate incidents with intruders and stolen objects. We kindly but firmly request you to help the cause by NOT allowing shady characters to enter the building alongside with you.

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Update 4 – Summer time in the lab – renovation work, events, building closes early in the evenings, and other impediments

Posted on 7 July 2015 by

palmstrandSummer is almost here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following:

  • Extensive renovation and construction work is being planned for Janskerkhof 13 for July and August August till September/November. Some of the building activities will necessitate us to close the lab altogether, but we don’t know when exactly, or for how long. We have indicated that closing the lab for more than one week at a time is not possible for us, and we’ve been assured that we will be closely involved in the planning. Planning will happen at the end of July.
  • If you want to run an experiment involving the adult participant database (not recommended in summer since a lot of students are simply not in Utrecht then), please contact Iris Mulders before July 8.
  • From July 13 until August 22 the building will close at 19h, rather than 22h.
  • The lab will be closed August 10-13 because the UIT-dagen are unbearably noisy and make it impossible to get to Janskerkhof 13. No lab support will be available on these days.
  • The rest of the summer, there will be lab support in room 0.09 (in as far as the renovation activities will allow), but we may miss a day here or there due to support staff vacations. If you absolutely need support on a certain day, check in advance via labman.gw@nulluu.nl.
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Update: ICT Maintenance planned for 6 July

Posted on 24 June 2015 by


Friday 10 July at 14:30 another update will take place. Again, this should not be noticable for any users, but to be safe, we have blocked all the labs after 14:30 this friday. People working in K.06 are adviced not to do time sensitive experiments there. You will not lose anything, but timing may be inaccurate during the update process


In the morning of Monday 6 July, some maintenance is planned for the computer systems that we use in the lab.
We expect to get through this without any difficulty, but there is always a small chance something might go wrong. This means that in some cases, it is possible the computers will freeze multiple times for a while, or even that logging in to your account is not possible.

As said, this maintenance is planned for the morning of 6 July, but could be postponed until later that week. Unfortunately, we cannot be more precise at the moment, as we are dependent on information from other devisions within the university.

Should you encounter any of the above described problems, or notice other hiccups in the performance of the computers in the lab, do not hesitate to inform the technical support in room 0.09 immediately. The sooner we know of any trouble, the sooner it can be solved.

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EMLAR XI: Registration open!

Posted on 7 January 2015 by

The registration for the yearly EMLAR (Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research) conference is now open. Visit the conference website for more details.

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FEP Support in the lab

Posted on 2 December 2014 by

Due to FEP not having been updated in nearly 15 years and Zep being an improvement in almost all ways, support for FEP will be deprecated. This means that we will support existing experiments, in particular those that need to collect additional data and thus must use the same framework. New experiment requests which entail the modification of FEP scripts will generally be rebuilt in Zep however.

In the coming weeks the PCs in the labs will be replaced with newer models, these systems will not support running FEP, however old models will be kept available as reserves and can be put in place should such experiments need to be run, however it is very important that you contact the lab staff at least 1 week in advance of running a FEP script so that we can make the necessary preparations.

If you have any questions not answered above feel free to contact us.

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Posted on 14 October 2014 by

logoA new update of the ZEP starting script has been released. UiL-OTS lab users are recommended to use this new linux-terminal-local-UILOTS.sh in order to start a terminal prior to calling Zep (right-click>Save Link As…). Please replace the linux-terminal.sh file with this new version. If you are running an old Zep script (version 0.x) and do not have a linux-terminal.sh you can ignore any this updated version. Downloading the file automatically prevents you from executing it: a safety feature for the big bad internet. To re-enable execution of the file right click it >> properties >> Permissions and tick the box that reads ‘Allow executing file as program’. With this you are ready to go!

The newest version now makes a (partial) local copy on ‘/data’ instead at ‘/var’ because of storage capacity. Because of decreased performance of the file server that holds the project maps (M: drive) running an experiment directly from a project map might lead to timing issues or errors. These errors are visible in the terminal when running an experiment. To ensure that script performance is not affected by the slacking file server the linux-terminal.sh is to be replaced. Note that this is only relevant when Zep experiments are performed in the UiL-OTS lab facilities. For other instances the normal linux-terminal.sh suffices.

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New option for printing

Posted on 2 October 2014 by

PrinterFor the past month the hardware for the printer in room K06 (the room with a lot of computers) has been failing regularly. To aid users in printing it is now possible to select an alternative printer. Under Windows OS the new printer is named ‘GW_JHK13_Medewerker_006‘ and it is physically located in 0.08; the room is upstairs and is next to the lab. support staff room. Please limit your use of this secondary printer as much as possible.

It is still not possible to print from under the Linux OS. We are actively investigating a solution and are sorry for possible inconveniences.

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Website newly structured

Posted on 22 July 2014 by

The last few days we have done our best to upgrade the site, make it more accessible and above all give it a more intuitive flow.

A few people have come to us to explain the articles new lab users have to read, were somewhat unclear and contained a lot of double information.

We have completely restructured those pages, trying to make them more clear, easier to oversee and less redundant.

If you have some advice about how we could do even better, or remarks about the new structure, please contact Jan de Mooij and let him know. We would very much appreciate it.

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Posted on 17 July 2014 by

Tomorrow, 18 July 2014, this website will be down for (hopefully short) maintenance. We will then upgrade the website to a new template. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: Maintenance is still continuing, but all pages should be accessible again. Please let us know if you think something’s missing/not working!

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Posted on 14 July 2014 by

UiL-OTS lab users are recommended to use linux-terminal-local-UILOTS.sh in order to start a terminal prior to calling Zep (right-click>Save Link As…). Please replace the linux-terminal.sh file with this new version. If you are running an old Zep script (version 0.) and do not have a linux-terminal.sh you can ignore any this updated version. Downloading the file automatically prevents you from executing it: a safety feature for the big bad internet. To re-enable execution of the file right click it >> properties >>  Permissions and tick the box that reads ‘Allow executing file as program’. With this you are ready to go!

DETAILS: Because of decreased performance of the file server that holds the project maps (M: drive) running an experiment directly from a project map might lead to timing issues or errors. These errors are visible in the terminal when running an experiment. To ensure that script performance is not affected by the slacking file server the linux-terminal.sh is to be replaced. Note that this is only relevant when Zep experiments are performed in the UiL-OTS lab facilities. For other instances the normal linux-terminal.sh suffices.

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Summer time in the lab

Posted on 30 June 2014 by

Summer is almost here! If you are planning to work in the lab during the summer, please take note of the following:

  • If you want to run an experiment involving the adult participant database (not particularly recommended in summer), please contact Iris Mulders before July 10.
  • The lab will be closed August 11-14 because the UIT-dagen are unbearably noisy and make it impossible to get to Janskerkhof 13. No lab support will be available on these days.
  • The rest of the summer, there will be lab support in room 0.09, but we may miss a day here or there due to support staff vacations. If you absolutely need support on a certain day, check in advance via labman.gw@nulluu.nl.
  • Update: On weekdays from July 21-August 17, the building will close at 19h. See faculty newsletter.
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New Wallpaper

Posted on 6 June 2014 by

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve set up a new default wallpaper for the Window 7 desktop!

It lists some of the default house rules and some emergency information. We hope you enjoy the new eye candy!

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uhhmm… HvNL TV

Posted on 27 May 2014 by

logo-hvnlSbs6 TV, Hart van Nederland  did a small item on language research, regarding the uhhmmmm word, done by Hans Rutger Bosker, it can be viewed here.

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Sorry, we’re closed!

Posted on 26 May 2014 by

Sorry We're closedJust a reminder: because of Whitsun/Pentecost the faculty building (and laboratories/support) will be closed on Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th of June!

Also, this week Chris will be absent on Thursday but present on Wednesday instead of vice versa.

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LimeSurvey how-tos added

Posted on 20 May 2014 by

We’ve added some new LimeSurvey manuals to our how-to section. There’s four in total now:

If you happen to have a request for a manual or a question about LimeSurvey, please do send lab support a mail (after consoling the how-tos of course ;)).

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Audio fixed in K.06

Posted on 16 May 2014 by

The audio systems in K.06 have all been fixed. On all computers audio is working again, which means you should be able to play back audio from your computer and record audio from now on.

If you still encounter a problem, please notify lab support in room 0.09

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Posted on 15 May 2014 by

A lot of the research done in the UiL-OTS lab. involves the usage of sound stimuli. To control for sound interference some of the labs have been made sound proof. However, to further reduce the noise I’ve added some padding on the hallway doors.

indexWe are also going to hang up signs that signal for silence in the hallway next to the lab. This is to prevent voluminous talking right next to the lab. doors but feel free to have chat in other hallways.

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Change of Schedule

Posted on 14 May 2014 by

Thursday 15 may Jan de Mooij will be absent from the lab. Instead he will be working on Friday the 16th.

Also on Thursday 5 June Jan will be absent and he will be working the 6 June instead

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Spring holidays

Posted on 10 April 2014 by

All faculty buildings, including the lab, will be closed on the following days:


  • Friday 18 April (Good Friday)
  • Sunday 20 April
  • Monday 21 April

King’s Day

  • Saturday 26 April

Liberation Day

  • Monday 5 May


  • Thursday 29 May (Ascension Day)
  • Friday 30 May (‘balance day’, i.e. obligatory leave day)


  • Sunday 8 June
  • Monday 9 June

See this faculty news message.

Category: Absence


Posted on 9 April 2014 by
  • Christian Straman will be not be available for support from April 22nd to 25th. 
  • Martijn van der Klis will be off at Wednesday 30 April, but will be available at Monday 28 April instead.
  • Alex Manus will be away from Wednesday April 30-Monday May 5.
Category: Absence

Lost Keys Found in Women’s Basement Restroom

Posted on 26 March 2014 by

A set of keys with a nail clipper attached were brought to 0.09, stop by the same to retrieve them.

27/03: Retrieved! 🙂

Category: Lost & Found


Posted on 26 March 2014 by

It is already in the lab rules but apparently bears repeating: Do Not Rewire Anything. Ever.

Several of the wiring configurations in the phonetics lab have been modified in various nonsensical ways, and not even restored to their original configuration plus a few cables were apparently nicked to boot. If you require a different configuration or the setup does not work as you expect please come to room 0.09 and ask one of the lab support staff for assistance. That’s why we are here!

Category: Malfunctions

Support staff attends EMLAR April 14-16

Posted on 14 March 2014 by

The lab staff will be attending EMLAR X from April 14th to 16th. In this period there will be limited to no support for the lab facilities, so make sure you either catch us before or after the conference. If you’re planning to attend EMLAR as well (highly recommended!), we’ll see you there! 

Category: Absence

Website maintenance

Posted on 6 March 2014 by

This Friday (March 7), there is some maintenance scheduled for this website. Expect some downtime between 10.00 and 11.00 AM CEST. 

Update: maintenance has been successfully completed! 🙂 

Category: Malfunctions

Samsung phone found in coffee corner, see 0.09 to retrieve.

Posted on 3 March 2014 by

Stop by during normal business hours to retrieve your phone. 

Update March 5: phone retrieved! 🙂 

Category: Lost & Found

Martijn van der Klis absent on 19 Feb, but present on 17 Feb

Posted on 13 February 2014 by

FYI: Martijn will not be present next Wednesday, but will be on Monday. 

Category: Absence

Alex Manus not present on 5/2/14, but present on 7/2/14

Posted on 29 January 2014 by

Alex Manus will not be present next Wednesday but will be available the following Friday.

Category: Absence

BrainVision Analyzer 2.04 installed in K.06

Posted on 15 January 2014 by

BrainVision Analyzer 2.04 has been installed on all machines in K.06. You can find the relase notes on the BrainProducts website.

Category: News

Non-availability lab support staff

Posted on 8 January 2014 by

Alex will be away until January 20.

Category: Absence

Printing from local accounts and Linux is currently not possible

Posted on 17 December 2013 by

It is no longer possible to print from local accounts (such as those used on the lab computers, not K.06) due to ‘improvements’ in the printing infrastructure at the university. There does not seem to be a resolution for this but we will continue to investigate.

It may be possible to resolve the issues under Linux and I am currently trying to find a solution.

Category: Malfunctions

Missing project folders

Posted on 16 December 2013 by

As you may have noticed, on the computers in flexplek in Janskerkhof 13 (and maybe on other computers too), the M drive where your project folders are has been replaced by ‘migratieschijf’, and ‘migratieschijf’ is empty. To get access to your project folders, follow the steps:

  1.  Start Windows Explorer or double-click ‘My Computer’,
  2. Right click on ‘migratieschijf’,
  3. Select ‘disconnect’, and wait until ‘migratieschijf’ disappears.
  4. In the menu bar, choose ‘Tools’ -> ‘Map network drive’.
  5. In the dialog window that appears, click on the arrow on the right side, and select the letter ‘M’. (Do not choose any other letter).
  6. At ‘Folder’, type \\dfs.hum.uu.nl\uilots\projects
  7. Click on ‘Finish’. A new Explorer window will appear, showing the contents of the K drive.
Category: Malfunctions

EEG-Lab on Dutch Tv

Posted on 16 December 2013 by

Dutch Vpro-Tv science program ‘Labyrint’ made an episode on Dutch & Flemish language and corpus, and had a short interview with prof. dr. Jos van Berkum, at the UiL OTS EEG lab. It also features prof. dr. Norbert Corver. You can view the episode here, or here , or local mirror.

Category: News

Babylab on RTV Utrecht

Posted on 6 December 2013 by

The RTV Utrecht program Westbroek had a small item on the Babylab Utrecht last Tuesday. Henk Westbroek talked with prof. dr. Frank Wijnen about early language development. You can watch the whole episode of Westbroek here (babylab coverage starts at 2:00). 

Category: News

Microwave removed from basement kitchen

Posted on 24 November 2013 by

We removed the microwave from the kitchen in the basement, because:

  • The smells of hot food during the day gives a very unprofessional impression to the (parents of infant) participants in our experiments
  • Mice and cockroaches like crumbs
  • Computers don’t like crumbs

There is a microwave in the kitchen on the ground floor that you can use; please do all your eating upstairs, not in the lab.

Category: News

Printer problems

Posted on 15 November 2013 by

After scheduled maintenance by ITS on Wednesday, the printer in K.06 was unavailable for most users. Our colleagues at ICT&Media have performed an update to the printer settings on all PC’s, and the printer should now be reachable again. If you still encounter problems, reboot your computer, try again, and if the problem then persists, contact us at room 0.09 in Janskerkhof 13, do not call 5600 (Facilitair Service Centrum).

For the usual printer problems (like toner replacement, paper jam, PC LOAD LETTER etc.) please let us know at room 0.09 in Janskerkhof 13, do not call 5600 (Facilitair Service Centrum). We’ll either forward the problem to them or will ask ICT&Media to come up with a solution.

Category: Malfunctions

Labs closed for Christmas

Posted on 14 November 2013 by

Janskerkhof 13/13A will be closed from Sunday December 22 18:00h until Saturday January 4 10:00h.

Category: News

Experiment repository created

Posted on 8 November 2013 by

We’ve now added the experiment repository to our website. We’ve reviewed the old repository, made some changes and added some custom-made experiments. We hope the new structure will help you to easily find a template that is suitable for your experiment (e.g. by using the search page). If you would like your experiment to be added, or have suggestions to improve the repository, please drop us an e-mail! 

Category: News

Fixation manual transferred

Posted on 25 October 2013 by

The manual for Fixation has been transferred from the old website to the how-to section. You can find it here. This sort-of marks the end of life of the old website: almost all content has been transferred now and will only be kept up-to-date on this new site. If you still find something’s missing, please drop us a mail (or comment here!). 

Category: News

Non-availability lab support staff

Posted on 11 October 2013 by

Alex will be away from 10/20/13 through 10/25/13, but will be present on 10/11/13 and 10/18/13.

Category: Absence

Stolen/unplugged mice/keyboards

Posted on 9 October 2013 by

We’ve noticed that in K.06 some of the mice and keyboards were either stolen or unplugged. Please be kindly reminded that you should never unplug lab equipment, ever, as is clearly stated in the house rules. Also know that the lab staff in 0.09 has equipment for loan if you forgot to bring your own. Follow-up reminders won’t be so friendly.

Category: News

New website!

Posted on 16 September 2013 by

As you probably will have noticed, this is the new website for the UiL OTS labs. With this new site, we’re hoping that we’re able to reach two goals: a better showcase of our facilities and a clearer overview of how-tos and boilerplate experiments for our users.

We’re slowly moving content from the old site to the new site, so keep an eye on us! If you have ideas or content for the new website, don’t hesitate to contact the lab staff!

Category: News

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